When you are over-extended in managing your product or service, marketing and, financing, how can you squeeze hours to focus on a very important aspect of your business – accounting and bookkeeping.

Most small businesses fail because they do not spend time properly planning the start-up phase of the business.  If you don’t know how you should structure your business or what is expected for filing with the Canada Revenue Services or what records to keep you may find yourself paying significant amounts of money to correct errors.

We are here to help you succeed by providing you access to information that you don’t know.

How can we be of service?

Starting-let us help you because there is more to structuring a business than registering a business number!

  • Is it's time to separate the personal from the business?  We have the knowledge to advise you about this aspect.
  • When is a good time to incorporate?  Why/why not incorporate.  How to structure your business to minimize taxes.  We have experience with this part of your business
  • What else needs to be setup when you incorporate? We can provide you with this information
  • What to charge, who to charge and what taxes you, need to collect and pay?  We can set you up with the necessary accounts.

Tax preparation and planning that is required throughout the year.  We are here to help you save money.

Bookkeeping – let us prepare your bookkeeping since:

  • You don't have the time to keep proper record
  • Income tax rules keep changing,
  • Failure to file payroll remittance and GST on time can be costly
  • Stress associated with piling paper work will be avoided

Year- end tax filing – expert advice for sole proprietors and incorporated companies.

  • When to take money out of the company
  • How to minimize overall taxes
  • transferring personal assets to a corporation
  • income splitting with family